Saturday, September 20, 2008

Golly, has it been forever since my last post or what? SLACKER!!!! Here is my short and sweet recap on what I have been up to:

Grace has had a fun summer and her favorite play place has been in Nana & Papa's pool. She is quite the little dare devil. She has no fear when it comes to jumping in the water. See exhibits A, B, and C.

When taking it easy, she enjoys watching her "show." (Baby Einstein DVDs) See exhibits D & E.

My little sister, Alexis, (or "Secsis" as Grace calls her) moved in with us. I am totally lovin' it! Now that she is all grown up we are the BEST of friends. It doesn't hurt that we can share closets now. She is enjoying being a part of our crazy family and having older brothers. (As evident by exhibit F.)

The MOST exciting news is the arrival of my nephew, Corbin Douglas. Doctor Grace was at the hospital for his big debut. In true Josh and Jamie style, Corbin took his sweet time. He was worth the wait! Grace wasn't about to have her "thunder stolen," so she stepped right up to the loving cousin role. See exhibits G through I.

One night I had the fun idea of playing dress up with Grace. My mom bought the cutest fairy stuff right after Grace was born and I have waited SO long for her to be big enough for it. The trick for getting her to put the stuff on was to call it "pretty." I would say, "Oh, wow Grace! Look how PRETTY!" She got all excited and was eager to wear everything except for the boa and crown. (Enough with the exhibit's the pictures!)

I have really been getting my craft on lately. My FAVORITE project has been making this puppet theater as a Christmas present for Grace. Seriously, I had more fun making this than she will have playing with it. I want to make one for every little kid I know. Any birthdays coming up? Thank goodness the boxes are from low fat goodies, or I might gain a million pounds just for materials! Everything I used was lying around the house. (Okay, in my craft area...I'm not THAT messy!)

Finally, this last picture is pretty priceless. Grace hasn't fallen asleep in our arms in FOREVER! Jeff, you lucky dog! I can't believe the flash didn't wake her up.