Monday, June 15, 2009

Monday Moments

Of the many blogs that inspire me The Rockstar Diaries is a favorite of mine. I have fallen in love with the vintage style photographs that Naomi takes with her Polaroid, Diana, and Holga cameras. I have made a mental wish list of these cameras and much to my amazement I found a Polaroid at a yard sale a couple of months ago. It was a major score for only $2, and then I found out that Polaroid is no longer in business and film is hard to come by. I have been lucky enough to find two jackpots of film and am now happily hording them. Since each picture costs nearly $2 I've become very selective of when I use it.

I snapped a couple while on our reunion trip and Saturday at a friend's birthday party. The picture quality isn't great, but that is what makes each one wonderful. They are so nastalgic and unique. I love all that is vintage and these babies have that vibe. Enjoy!

(My birthday is in less than a month and I am asking for a Holga or a Diana...I can't decide. Maybe BOTH ;-)

Friday, June 12, 2009

Reunited and it Feels So Good...

Ever have those days when you feel sorta...well, dumb. I wish I could put together an eloquent description of the Hunt reunion, but mind doesn't want to cooperate. I'll post the pictures and call it good.

We roasted marshmallows and jammed by the fire.

Grandpa Hunt stole Grace's heart by taking her to see the animals.

A fun game of softball.

Grace rode a horse for the first time.

Couldn't get enough of the animals. She saw pigs, chickens, peacocks, llamas (she called them giraffes), goats, horses, cats, and dogs.

Three generations of Hunt men.

Absolutely Stunning!

Things I don't want to forget:

Before going to the reunion Grace had been watching a LOT of "princess moobies." It is a common occurrence in such movies that the maiden sing a song in the forest while little woodland animals are drawn to her in droves. This is certainly the case in "Sleeping Boobie," Grace's current favorite. It was no wonder that as Grace arrived at the cabin she walked onto the back porch and gave a welcoming call, "Ohhh ANIMALS!" I could see how she would assume that they would hear her joyful call and all scurry to surround her.

Grace to a pig: "Hello, Oink! My name Grace!"

Grace upon being asked what she thought of the inside of a tent: "Umm, I think it a short room!"

Thursday, June 11, 2009

More Finds

I am more than a little backed up on my blogging. Particularly when it comes to posting my amazing yard sale, thrift store, and antique mall finds. These beauties were from a few weeks ago:

The Haul

This chandelier is sort of like the one in Grace's room. The colors are a perfect match for my "grandma room" and it was a steal! Seriously, I LOVE it. I just got the hardware to hang it and I think I will talk Jeff into helping me when he gets home. Dying!!!

Buttons & Jewels
I'm gonna make MANY a beautiful accessory with these guys.

Creepy/Pretty Doll Head
I've seen a few of these at antique shops and they are a small fortune. (for just a doll head...)

A full doll. She's kinda cute. (Please don't haunt me little doll girl!) More pillowcases, two wall plaques, and a doily.

Vintage Santa, and a framed floral lithograph for my guest bathroom.

My SUPER awesome canister set. They are the perfect homes for my crafting supplies. I have them placed on my shelves above my desk. I smile each time I see them!

There you have it! More exciting treasures to come...

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


There is no better way to kick off summer than to watch your little one splash and play in water. A few weeks back I finally decided to connect the sprinkler toy Grace got from her Mamaw for her birthday. It was such a delight to see her carefree spirit as she daringly ran through the spouts of water. She giggled with untamed freedom and it was as if the race of time became a slow stroll. I felt what life must be like for Grace...nothing in the world matters except for that very moment. I am so thankful for little glimpses like that. Peace and elation all at once...

Monday, June 8, 2009

{Jeff Hunt Band}

Some really awesome things have been happening for my SUPER talented, SUPER hot hubby's band. Recently they had the mega opportunity of recording at the worldwide Fender headquarters here in Scottsdale. They laid down 4 songs for a professional, radio quality demo. It is going to take a little while for it to be mixed, and I can hardly wait. It is going to be incredible!

I was able to pop in on the guys for a few hours while they recorded and I was so impressed with the Fender building. Everywhere you looked was a unique Fender instrument accompanied by photos and autographs of famous musicians. They had all access to the facility thanks to one of the band members, Seth, who in addition to being a studly guitarist/bassist works for the company.

Singing his little heart out.

The "groupies" (affectionately known as wives)

The Band
(left to right: Jeff, Randy, Seth, Josh, Brad, Mike, & Jace. I totally forgot the name of the guy who recorded them. OOPS!)

Check out MORE pics from the photographer who shot them at Club Red here. They are way cool!