Tuesday, May 25, 2010

An AMAZING Day at Jake's

This is what you get when you spend a day like this:

Saturday, May 22, 2010

From Dated to Timeless: Terrariums

I have an infatuation with terrariums and this is one of my favorite and most simple transformations to date.

Rescued from a yard sale and Goodwill, these dome clocks only cost $4 total.


The options are endless for what to display within the terrarium. I opted for moss filled vintage ceramics with mushrooms.


I cut a circle from a paper plate to cover the base (it had the holes from the hardware) and painted the whole thing with acrylic paint.

Unfortunately I was out of spray paint in the shade I wanted so I mixed a nice creamy color.

I can't wait to switch displays in and out for the seasons. Things like birds and butterflies, speckled eggs, skulls and bones, and ornaments to name a few ideas. Such fun!

The Birthday "BOY"

Jace and I are two of a kind when it comes to birthdays. We both believe in at LEAST a week long celebration. Jeff jokes that Jace thinks it's Carnival. {But I get a fireworks display....so there!} In truth however, Jace's birthday is ALWAYS celebrated by a BBQ & pool party.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Joy School Graduation

What an absolute delight it was to participate in Joy School this year. Grace grew and learned so much and ABOVE all found true joy in friendship. I had the immense privilege of associating with some of the BEST women I know and their wonderful children. Becky held a family gathering to honor the kids with a little ceremony and fill our bellies with yummy food.

What a JOYFUL year!