Tuesday, January 27, 2009

"Look It!"

It has arrived. Ah, that lovely phase of repetition. What does Grace repeat you ask? EVERYTHING! Over...and over...and over...and over... If she wants something, she wants it NOW! She will repeat herself, just in case you don't understand it's importance, until she gets it. Often becoming louder and LOUDER. She is into the "What's that?" phrase too. All day long...

Last, but not least, she is always demanding us to "look it!" The other day I decided to test how she would react to ditching the diaper and wearing "big girl panties." She had some very specific ideas on what she should wear to dress up the panties. Here is our latest "Look It" moment...

(Oh and P.S. - she likes to sit on the potty...right AFTER she pees. We'll get there...)

unbuttoned onsie
hair bow

The {Park} of Life We Love Best

Having a child changes everything. Spontaneity becomes a scarce commodity, where it once was in abundance. Children like predictability. That's why each morning I basically follow the same routine: Wake up to Grace yelling, "MOMMY!" Put some "toons" on. Go to the gym. Come home. Make lunch for Jeff and Jace. See them off to work. Grab Grace and head to the park. (There are even more detailed steps, but you get the picture.)

Grace looks forward to going to the park more than any other activity of the day. You know what, I have to admit that I love it too! There is nothing quite like playing and laughing with your child. So as it turns out, this "do what you want, when you want" girl has come to enjoy the expected. I now need and crave the point in my day where I can turn back time and be a little kid again. Where Grace and I are two Best Buddies having fun in a place that we agree is magical - the park.

(It only gets better when Daddy, Uncle Josh, Shi-Shi, and Corbin come along too!)

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Proud to be American

Political affiliation aside, I am first and foremost an American. Today I am especially mindful of my great privilage to live in this blessed country. I freely admit that I was not initially an Obama supporter, but I am however a presidential supporter. On this momentous occasion, I give him my best wishes. I am Proud to be an American!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Rockin' in the New Year!

Time Square is for SQUARES! The real New Year's party was at our house. Okay, we are probably the real dorks, but we had a blast. Here is the proof:

I married a Rock Star!

Josh's New Year's Kiss

{Promise Not to Ever Grow Up...Please!}

Grace is such a CRACK UP! How can so much personality fit into such a tiny body? She makes the funniest faces! I am pretty certain she will be an actress. (Gotta follow the steps of her uncles and aunt.) She is our entertainment. All we do anymore is sit around watching her every move. What did we do before she came, stare at each other? Our world seems to revolve around this little girl, and boy does she know it!

"And Along Came a Stone Cutter..."

Jace gave a wonderful "homecoming" talk a few Sundays ago. I am so proud of the growth and maturity he has gained from his mission. Grace is completely enamored with him. She loves to show off when he's around. She also took to Jen and Ken during their stay for the holidays. She affectionately refers to them as Jenken. (like Brangelina or Beniffer.) She is so hip, that Grace.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Christmas Day

Having been out of the blogging world for some time now, I find it hard to put into words a good description of our Christmas day. Can that really happen? Can a person become rusty at writing in just one month? Regardless, I feel it important to say something about one of the most magical days of the year...even if I can't word it perfectly.

It was super fun to watch Gracie experience Christmas with a little more understanding than last year. She took all day to open her presents, savoring each one, which helped the magic linger throughout the day. Jeff and I had no surprises in store, but it was great to see Josh, Jamie, and Kara get unexpected gifts. Throw in game playing, candy munching, and turkey dinner eating and you have the whole day in a nutshell.