Friday, February 27, 2009

Love is for EVERYDAY!

Just because Valentines Day has come and gone doesn't mean I can't show you some love and share these pics.

Our "Corny" Valentine's

Digging into her "Big Cookie." (The BEST Valentine's tradition EVER!)

I "Wuh" This Girl

She is so dang CUTE! She has been crackin' Jeff and I up with the funny things she says...

Poppa (Big Jeff): "Bye-bye Sweetheart!"
Grace: "Bye Assheart!"

Jeff: "Say Basket."
Grace: "Bak-a-set!"

Jeff: "Say Wubzy."
Grace: "Wub-a-zy!"

Monday, February 16, 2009

Fast Friends

A few weeks ago while Grace was playing in her "fort," (our loveseat turned on it's side and draped with a sheet) I overheard her chattering away. Nothing unusual about that, but then she said a name, Sophie. It's likely she heard Jeff and I mention it in conversations about what we want to name a girl. (If we are to get another girl, that is. It is so weird to say "get" instead of "have.") The thought also crossed my mind that she was pretending to play with a little girl she knows from Nursery. Either way, I KNEW she was in desperate need of a friend to play with. (Poor girl, oldest grandkid in both sides. Everyone she knows is an adult. I'm not sure you can count Alexis or Jeff most of the time.)

The next week I made arrangements with Sophie's Mom to have a playdate at the park for the girls. They hit it off right away! It was so fun to watch them play and giggle. They had the best time! They even got a little mischievous on the bike ride to our house, rocking the trailer back and me the workout of a lifetime. We had a little picnic in our living room and they played with toys. It was a fun afternoon and I was especially thrilled that Gracie had a friend. I look forward to what the future holds for these two. Hopefully they will be the BEST of friends. They sure are cute together...

Monday, February 2, 2009

Happy "B-Naversary"

For our 6th anniversary Jeff planned a weekend getaway to Rocky Point, Mexico. What was intended as a full 2 days of "Bow-Chicka-Bow-Wow" sans Grace, turned out to have a few extra surprises. Who knew that where we stayed would be so awesome? As soon as we got there and realized how spacious and nice the place was, we wished the family was there to share the fun. Call us crazy, but we just HAD to invite Mom and Pop to come along with Grace.

Don't get the wrong idea! Oh, there was definitely some "Bow-Chicka-Bow-Wow" enjoyed. See for yourself...

We also delighted in a delicious dinner and a little night life. Oh, and some CRAZY good beef tacos for a midnight snack.

Things worked out perfectly the next day. We were able to still have alone time before the family arrived. We occupied ourselves with a light breakfast, walk on the beach, downtown shopping, and fresh clams eaten on the oceanfront.

We stopped by the supermarket just before meeting the family at the resort. We all headed back to the downtown area for shopping and fresh oysters on the half shell. When we got back, we hit the hot tub (and met a funny guy from Washington state who was in search of a good time) and then Jeff and I cleaned up and went on a dinner date. As fate would have it, the seafood tacos Jeff had loved a decade ago were just as good as the memory. We wrapped the night up by playing Rook on the patio.

We woke up the next morning and while enjoying the views from the balcony we spotted whale!
We went for a closer look on the beach. Pop was in Heaven! After a while, we went back to the balcony to continue whale watching (more arrived) and Jeff and I prepared some goodies - pina coladas and steamed clams with garlic butter. Both turned out fabulously.

What an incredible weekend! It was so nice to be able to share our happy occasion with loved ones. We had the best of both worlds...time for us and time shared with family. Simply prefect...

P.S. Pop's weakness for busty beauties came out on the trip.

My Man

Could it be? Have Jeff and I really been married for 6 whole years? Add that to one kiddie, a home, car, bills, and work (to pay for all of these wonderful things) and you've got yourself two GROWN UPS! I still have those moments when I wake up in the morning, look over at Jeff, and it sinks in..."I am SO married!" That's when I chuckle and reach over for a hug. (or a tickle...maybe even a butt squeeze!)

I don't think I would be happier with any other man. Jeff is perfect for me. That's not to say that we are perfect people, but we compliment one another very nicely. We have so much in common. I can recall, during one of our late night phone conversations (BEFORE becoming romantically involved), discovering that of ALL of the different kinds of cereal out there...Cinnamon Life was his favorite too! It was meant to be...

Within a few months of our marriage Jeff coined the saying, "Team Hunt." (There is a funny story behind that, but I'll have to save it for another time.) It is that motto that sums us up precisely. We are best friends and teammates, working together on a shared goal in life. We have a vision of our potential and are striving to help one another reach it. We are each other's #1 fan. If one of us falls down, the other is there to pick them up. I've got his back, and I know I can rely on him to have mine. Like any team, we have distinct roles that we play. It is the combination of our strengths and weaknesses, and similarities and differences that make the whole of our team unbeatable!

In honor of the 6 wonderful years we have shared, here are 6 wonderful things about my man, Jeff:

1. His Charming Personality

2. His Devastating Handsomeness

3. His Rock Star Abilities

4. His Love for His Family

5. His Style and Taste

6. His Sheer Awesomeness