Wednesday, July 21, 2010


God bless the powers that be who brought us the Summer Movie Pass. Grace and I looked forward to Wednesday the entire week long. Best use of $7...EVER! (per person) Although it was a great way to spend "mommy and me" time, bringing Sophie along upped the fun factor...

Saturday, July 10, 2010


When my lil' sis told me she would need my help to decorate her room at her NEW HOME my mind went into overdrive. For weeks I scoured stores, yard sales and thrift stores gathering all the little details that I was sure would make the perfect space for her to call her own. So when I was FINALLY able to put together the long anticipated finishing touches, I stood back and beamed. Knowing that my sister loved it just as much as I did, well that was all I had hoped for.

View from the doorway.

$1.50 wall art at Goodwill becomes a jewelry holder.

Another Goodwill "Dollar Day" oils.

Vintage bridesmaid dress from a yard sale for $4.
(That's what we paid for the hanger!)

Brass lamp, perfectly matching yellow shade, AND light bulb $5 from D.I. (Deseret Industries)

2 Tiered table from Alexis' old room with a new paint job.

Dish for jewelry and loose items - Goodwill

I say count birds not sheep. ($1.50 at Goodwill)

I made this headboard from fabric found at, you guessed it, Goodwill ($3.99)...left over batting from a previous project, and $2 worth of wood from Home Depot. That's a total of 6 dollars!

The 2 handstitched floral pictures are from yard sales and I were $1 each.

I filled embroidery hoops (yard sales...for pennies) with fabric from my collection and added 3 plates found at Goodwill. (just over $1 for all three)

My sister found this dresser on KSL (already painted that matching orange!) for only $25!

Alexis and I snagged this Lennon poster at TJMaxx for $29.99.

Chotchkies from yard sales and D.I.

Books from Alexis'/Selina's collection

To add drama I hung a vintage lampshade from the recessed light. (yard sale find for $2.50)

The entire room's color scheme and look was built from this FABULOUS bedding.
(Liberty of London for Target $59.99)

The pink and green pillows were the splurge. (other than the new 32in t.v.)
(Pink - $29.99 & Green - $19.99 both from TJMaxx)

Vintage orange pillow in velvet - $3 from Goodwill.

Yellow sheet set - Ross $24.99

Gardner Village

Gardner Village is one of my very favorite places to visit while in Utah. It is retail paradise! Charming shops and restaurants take up residence in restored cabins, houses and buildings that line brick pathways and beautiful landscaping. If you are in the area, do yourself a favor, stop by this quaint village for some retail therapy and a stroll down memory lane.

Robin, my sister's best friend, runs the petting zoo where we get the VIP treatment. (One day, Grace will finally ride the ponies.)

Lunch at the Naborhood Bakery.

She gives it two ENTHUSIASTIC thumbs up.

I get a cavity just thinking about Sweet Afton's.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Date with Aunt Jen & Uncle Ken

The world revolves around this little girl. I joked that WE are in high demand, but the truth is SHE is the one that everyone cares to see.

Jen and Ken took her to see Toy Story 3 and to play in the fountains at the Gateway. Does it get any better for a 3 year old? I think not...

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Time with Jinny

Our family trips to Utah are usually jam packed. What can I say, we're in HIGH demand. Time spent with Jinny (Grace's birthmother) is one of the MOST important things we do. When the weather is nice we like to go to the park. For me, and in time for Grace as well, these visits are the highlight of our trip.

(Don't they look alike? Jinny is 9 months pregnant in these photos.)