Monday, February 16, 2009

Fast Friends

A few weeks ago while Grace was playing in her "fort," (our loveseat turned on it's side and draped with a sheet) I overheard her chattering away. Nothing unusual about that, but then she said a name, Sophie. It's likely she heard Jeff and I mention it in conversations about what we want to name a girl. (If we are to get another girl, that is. It is so weird to say "get" instead of "have.") The thought also crossed my mind that she was pretending to play with a little girl she knows from Nursery. Either way, I KNEW she was in desperate need of a friend to play with. (Poor girl, oldest grandkid in both sides. Everyone she knows is an adult. I'm not sure you can count Alexis or Jeff most of the time.)

The next week I made arrangements with Sophie's Mom to have a playdate at the park for the girls. They hit it off right away! It was so fun to watch them play and giggle. They had the best time! They even got a little mischievous on the bike ride to our house, rocking the trailer back and me the workout of a lifetime. We had a little picnic in our living room and they played with toys. It was a fun afternoon and I was especially thrilled that Gracie had a friend. I look forward to what the future holds for these two. Hopefully they will be the BEST of friends. They sure are cute together...


Charmaine said...

OK, that is too cute!

Wendi said...

play dates are the best! and sophie and Grace are adorable!