Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Gypsy Boheme Voyage {Part 4}


(Since it has been a little over 2 months since I took this FABULOUS trip and I have a GAZILLION and 3 more posts to write...I will have to fight the urge to doccument all of the tiny details and rely on the pictures to do most of the story telling...)

After a tasty brunch, we headed to the studio where the Lovely Tricia lead us in making our very own GBV scrapbook to document our flea market wishes, snapshots, and more. We used the VERY best bits, baubles and papers to give them a true "gypsy" vibe.

Mary served us a yummy lunch and once again didn't skimp on presentation!

After lunch, we took our caravan to the famed Abbot Kinney for some window shopping. All of the shops are to die for and a source of inspiration. (Oh, we also stopped by a local vintage flea market were we kicked off our weekend spending sprees.)

{The following 4 photos were taken at Tumbleweed & Dandelion}

Back at the bungelow, we put our creative juices to good use while making darling totes to carry our flea market treasures in. Tricia and Mary were so generous with their fabulous findings and the bags turned out beautifully! Oh, and to our amazement Tricia slipped in a handmade yo yo necklace! So CUTE!

Our next activity was "hands down" a good time...we each had one on one time with 2 REAL LIFE gypsies who gave us a tarrot card and palm reading. While I myself choose to not put a lot of stock into the this sort of thing, I did have fun with it. It helped a great deal that my forcast was bright!

After noshing on another of Mary's SCRUMPTIOUS meals, we headed to the Promenade in Santa Monica. There we found many live street performers and great shopping. (Think uber long outdoor mall meets SoCal electricity.) VERY cool.

With the night still young, yet facing an early morning, we took our little party back to Mary's. To my SWEETEST surprise I was presented with the YUMMIEST (no joke) red velvet cake I have ever had the pleasure of tasting. (This whole trip was my birthday gift and what a gift it was!) We burned off some of the calories by enjoying some serious dancing followed by a some winding down in front of the patio fireplace. (I totally built the fire!) It was the perfect close to a perfectly fun filled day!

{Thanks to Tricia and all of my gypsy gals for sharing their photos!}

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Tricia Samsal said...

Love looking at all the photos again! Are you going to do the Blissfest in Nov?? It 's going to be a grand time!
Hugs, Tricia