Saturday, October 31, 2009

Bubble Toes

The award for "The BEST Way to Add Some SPARKLE to Your Day" goes to this little tip from my friend Mandi:

Glitter Toes
(I find it best to do this on top of a piece of paper to prevent a mess and save excess glitter.)
1. Start with a coat of polish in the shade of your choice.
2. Quickly, (before the paint dries) sprinkle on a coordinating color of glitter. Martha Stewart makes terrific glitter that is both fine and comes in a variety of colors. It can be found at Micheal's or Wal-Mart.
3. With your fingers, lightly tap the glitter on the nail to make sure it sticks to the polish. Give the foot a few shakes and dust off any excess glitter onto the paper. Fold a crease in the middle of the paper and tap the extra glitter back into the container.
4. Lastly, apply a clear top coat of polish to seal it and add staying power.

Grace loves to have "sparkly toes" and especially likes to pick her own color. Painting nails is one of my favorite mommy/daughter activities. It is slendid to spend a few moments bonding and creating with one another. I look forward to many, many years filled with moments spent with my daughter(s) doing girlie things. Thank heaven for little girls!

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Jamie Hunt said...

Yeah I can't wait to do that with Alyssandra! I am excited you're posting again!