Sunday, January 18, 2009

{Promise Not to Ever Grow Up...Please!}

Grace is such a CRACK UP! How can so much personality fit into such a tiny body? She makes the funniest faces! I am pretty certain she will be an actress. (Gotta follow the steps of her uncles and aunt.) She is our entertainment. All we do anymore is sit around watching her every move. What did we do before she came, stare at each other? Our world seems to revolve around this little girl, and boy does she know it!


Charmaine said...

That is one dang cute little girl! That last one is my favorite! Have I seen a picture of you like that? For some reason it totally reminded me of you!

Amanda and Kirk said...

She is darn cute! And she's got a great personality because her momma does too! Miss you like crazy!! We need to talk, it's been way to long, don't cha think?