Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The {Park} of Life We Love Best

Having a child changes everything. Spontaneity becomes a scarce commodity, where it once was in abundance. Children like predictability. That's why each morning I basically follow the same routine: Wake up to Grace yelling, "MOMMY!" Put some "toons" on. Go to the gym. Come home. Make lunch for Jeff and Jace. See them off to work. Grab Grace and head to the park. (There are even more detailed steps, but you get the picture.)

Grace looks forward to going to the park more than any other activity of the day. You know what, I have to admit that I love it too! There is nothing quite like playing and laughing with your child. So as it turns out, this "do what you want, when you want" girl has come to enjoy the expected. I now need and crave the point in my day where I can turn back time and be a little kid again. Where Grace and I are two Best Buddies having fun in a place that we agree is magical - the park.

(It only gets better when Daddy, Uncle Josh, Shi-Shi, and Corbin come along too!)

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Charmaine said...

What a good mom! I need to get Israel on more of a schedule. Perhaps he would eat better and go to sleep at a more reasonable time.