Thursday, May 14, 2009

In Overdrive

Shame on me for posting when I have a KAJILLION things I need to be doing right now. I am working at warp speed (someone saw Star Trek recently) to be ready for the Soiree tomorrow and the Market on Saturday. I am happy to report that many MAJOR accomplishments have been made, but I have so many little tasks left to do. Everything is turning out BEAUTIFULLY! (If I have a second later I will add some pictures.)

In the midst of all the chaos, Grace struck fever of 104 last night. This poor child is so tough. I was monitoring her temp all day yesterday and giving her plenty of water and children's Motrin and she was just so sweet. (Like any other day!) She is the most stoic child I have ever known. (Though, I bet Jeff was a tough cookie through all of his cancer treatments.) When this kid falls down, she pops right back up. I'll notice some blood on her and she never even whimpers. Even with her BIG accidents she cries for just a minute and calms down rather easily. If she is really sick she doesn't get grumpy...just more cuddly.

After giving her a lukewarm bath, she hopped in bed with Dad (I was at my desk making headbands) and she played her usual game of repeating "Goodnight...I WUH you...Sweet dreams." So sweet!!!

At 4 a.m. we got up to take her temp, give her some more medicine and Jeff gave her a blessing. We all fell back asleep, and at 9 I woke to the most wonderful sight. Grace smiled at me with her twinkling brown eyes and said, "Good morning Mommy! Djou (did you) have a nice nap?" She no longer had a fever and we cuddled in bed.

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