Friday, May 1, 2009

My Wheels are Spinning

Yesterday was such a good day. I had the extreme pleasure of going to work with my man. I used to work with him all the time (before Grace came to us) and I miss those days when we spend every waking moment. (However in this case I did a fair bit of running around too.)

One of my major objectives was to go to the Brass Armadillo, an antique mall in Phoenix. They were having a sale and I was in search of some items for my hair pieces and a dress for the Bohemian Soiree. I didn't fair well on the tidbits, but I SCORED BIG on the dress. It caught my eye and two things ran though my head: Will it fit me? How much does it cost? I checked the tag and to my amazement it was my size. I searched for the price, but it was not to be found. After inquiring about it's cost, I was introduced to the booth owner who gave me the news I had dared to hope for...$9.99! (Plus 15% off!) I almost couldn't believe it. I continued to wind my way thorough the maze of booths and happened upon a pair of gloves that seemed as if the could match the dress. With my fingers figuratively crossed, I brought the gloves with me to the cashier's station. I was amazed for a second time. They matched so well one would think they came together. Lucky, lucky me! (It was strange to have spent nearly the same amount on the gloves as I did the dress...but I'll take it.) Now, my wheels are spinning as I am dreaming up how I will embellish and accessorize. Oooh...the fun I will have. The icing on the cake will be the chance to spend a whimsical evening with my dashing husband. I can hardly wait!

Speaking of husband, we found an awesome place for delicatessen style sandwiches called the Dilly Deli. There we shared a quiet and tasty lunch break. One thing is for sure, they haven't seen the last of us.

Once home, I was able to spend a few hours snuggling with Grace. It's true...absence DOES make the heart grow fonder. It is so nice to get a little break from the munchkin and have a complete change of pace. Two year olds are full throttle and bounce around from one thing to the next. That's both the fun and the exhausting part. A little break can recharge the batteries.

Almost as if our intent was to completely wear Nana out, we called on her again to watch Grace and Corbin as we went to the midnight showing of Wolverine. I got the chance to interrogate my newly coupled brother about his budding romance. Those two go together nicely...romance and mutants. It was an enjoyable close to a delightful day.

So are you dying to see the dress? Thought so...


Charmaine said...

Gorgeous! (I said that all sing-songy in my head.) I can't wait to see it on!

Jamie said...

i have jewelery for you to look at. call me when you want to do that. anytime.