Saturday, August 1, 2009

Gypsy Boheme Voyage {Part 2}

The day started with a trip downtown to the Flower Market. On the way there we scoped out some spots to visit on the next trip. (Hoping that Trish and Mary loved me and want to adopt me into their gang...Hint! Hint!) We gathered arm loads of fresh flowers to add the "gypsy flair" throughout Mary's house.

Next, we stopped here... have a pre-view of the shops we were to visit with the "gypsy caravan."
{Eye candy like you would not believe!!! Photos of the shops and displays to come.}

Isn't she a beauty? The fan...OF COURSE Mary is!

Afterward, I enjoyed an ice cold lemonade while my comrades sipped a glass of pink champagne at a little french bistro. Soooo tre chic!

I had the extreme pleasure of helping with preparations for the arrival of our gypsy sisters. Mary's home is just incredible! See for yourself...

{This is only a sneak peek. I'll have more photos of the finished product in later posts.}

{This is Mary's studio and shop - Sweetpeas & Snapshots}

We made it down to Venice Beach in time to see the sunset...

Our last stop of the day was for a nutritious dinner...Bavarian Pretzels. (At least I think that is what they were called!) We attempted to play darts, but the machine was we headed home.

The night wasn't over...Oh, no! That's not how we roll! We stayed up dancing and chatting at Mary's table. I know that the weekend was about crafting and shopping, but I consider my greatest "score" to be the friendships I was able to gain while pre-pairing for the festivities. I will forget what "stuff" I found in L.A., but I will always remember the fun, generous, lovely women I came to know there.

Until next post...Coming up, "Showtime!"

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