Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Day

Here was our Christmas Day in the form of a photo recap:

The Mother Load!

Just before coming downstairs.

Grace was grumpy, so we took pictures of Corbin in sensory overload.

Determined not to let Corbie have all of the fun, Grace starts to open presents.

Still grumpy...

I think Jeff was jealous of all the stuff Ally and Corbin were getting and wanted to be Josh and Jamie's kid too.

Jen gets a library from Ken.

Jace and Andrea are happy with their haul.

That is a man who is happy about his popcorn machine.

We gave both Jen & Ken and Josh & Jamie a set of Illustrated Stories of the Book of Mormon. (This series was treasured by the Hunt children)

Finally, our Princess decides to act like one.

After the dust settled from opening presents, Josh and Jamie made breakfast...waffles, strawberries, whipped cream, bacon, eggs, and fresh OJ. Adults became kids again as we played with Grace, Corbin, and their new toys. Nana and Papa watched the little ones as the rest of the grown ups went to see Sherlock Holmes. We also played a silly game of Quelf where the following took place:

(For more photos and stories check out Jamie's blog.)

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