Saturday, December 5, 2009

Night on the Town

{Circa December 4, 2009}

Jeff and I are really lucky when it comes to date nights. We live a mere 1/2 mile from his parents, and we definitely take advantage of Nana's goodness and love of her grandchildren. That's why it's a welcomed change when we can hit the town with little Gracie.

The fun started at our favorite pizza spot, Barro's. There we met up with a group of families, including the Powers, who were going to follow dinner by tailgating to the Phoenix Children's Museum. Admittance was free on this particular night, so it was a madhouse. Once Grace got used to the throng of wild children, she began to have a good time. In the future, I think I will forgoe the free night and opt for the culture pass through the library. We had a lot of fun though, and I especially loved watching Grace's curiosity and wonder.


Jamie said...

Love it! Aren't our boys funny???

Jen Bear Baldwin said...

That's adorable! I miss you guys so much.

- Kim said...

So cute! I love your daughters green pea coat. Where did you get it from?

mindy said...

Thanks Kim! Her coat is from Old Navy '09 winter season.