Thursday, June 17, 2010

Peace Out (Or an Assortment of Funny Things Grace is Known to Have Said)

While sharing popcorn with Nana, Grace was also sharing with Cookie.
She looked up at Kara and said, "Whoa! Go easy Nana! This popcorn is for Cookie."

After I finished a phone call with Jeff, Grace said, "I love Daddy. He's the BEST in the Best!"

Driving to Josh and Jamie's we passed Camelback Mountain and Grace exclaimed, "that mountain looks like moon rocks and over there is the milky way." After I recovered from shock I asked her where she heard that from and she replied, "Dora."

Jeff was calling me out for behaving like a madwoman whenever we are loading up for a trip and Grace said, "you have to understand, she's bossy."

As I tucked Grace in bed I said, "Maybe tomorrow you can be my helper and we can clean your room." She tisks and replied, "No, I'm already busy."

(To Jamie and Alexis) "You crack me nuts!"

After Grace refused to stay in bed, Jeff finally became serious and threatened her. She exclaimed, "Ugh!!! You're KILLING my LIFE!!!!!" (and slammed her door) Jeff and I chuckled in bed as I secretly thought, "funny now...not so much when she's a teenager."

My favorite words that Grace says (or has stopped saying):

"Perftect" (perfect)
"Bella's 'tracing' me!" (chasing)
"Gobbles" (gloves)
"Gerty" (yogurt)
"Burroti" (burrito)


Jamie Hunt said...

oh my gosh! I can't wait till my kids start talking (although I doubt they'll say things as well as Grace does) I'm so glad you posted those!

Jen Bear Baldwin said...

So funny. I miss my little shmoo. Don't forget

Grace what's your name? MEOW!!

And of course chumaros & where is escabar?