Saturday, July 3, 2010

Hunt Family Reunion '10

Once again the "Shangri La" played host to a hoard of Hunt's. Here is EXACTLY what happened. Seriously, no shortage of pictures.

Woke up. Had some deck time.


Ate breakfast.

Papa took the kids to see the animals.

And Jen too.

Corbin "dug" the tractors.

Grace, not so much.

She'd rather pester Aunt Jen and Uncle Ken.

And sip some juice.

Alyssandra rocks her accessories.

Josh, not so much.

Grace picks dandelions.

And plays with Taylor.

Corbin cowboys up.

Grace keeps her feet on the ground.

Ally takes in the splendor.

Jeff, not so much.

Grace, not so much either.

Brian presents Grandpa with a plaque.

He is moved.

Brian HAS moves.
(As the auctioneer)

Pop too.

Jeff, not so much.
(Maybe a little.)

The End.


Tiffany Haynes said...

Sweatshirts in the summer? What a dream!

Your twilight shirt is so clever!

Jamie Hunt said... I love this post...."not so much"! NOT!!!! I love it! I laughed and cried. Those pics are amazing! That was such a great time! I'm so glad we were all able to go!!!

Jen Bear Baldwin said...

Amazing pictures Mindy. Wait a second, ha ha I just remembered that I took some of them. you took most though. What a darling family (even if I do say so myself). Good times.