Tuesday, July 6, 2010

One More Year

...that's all I have left of my twenties. Here's how I celebrated:

Alexis and I met up with Caroline, Miquelle, and Aiden for lunch at Zupa's.

The tomato bisque is DELISH!

We visited my favorite vintage store in Salt Lake, Second Hand Chic.

In keeping with tradition, we set off TONS of fireworks. It was such a fun way to bring the celebrations to a close. Thank you family for the gift of a WONDERFUL birthday.
{Jeff was dearly missed.}


Andréa Morrow said...

I love Zupas!! the cauliflower is my fave and I have a recipe that is similar!! happy belated bday!

onehm said...

LOVE the photos on your blog topper!! DARLING!!
The flower clip is PERFECT! Thank you again! <3

onehm said...

ps...Happy Birthday! xoxo