Wednesday, December 1, 2010

25 Days of Good Intentions

I have had this brilliant, albeit involved, idea for some time now...Why not make an interactive advent calendar? Well, I am proud to say that I finally made the tags for this new family tradition, BUT putting it into action was a wee bit more difficult. This was one of those years that I hope will never be repeated in terms of preparedness for the holidays.

I. Had. ZERO. Preparedness.

That being said, I just jumped right into the hullabaloo. I had many a good intention, but when life decided to throw me for a loop I just had to go with it, do the best that I could, and enjoy the ride. Despite not accomplishing all that I had hoped (this includes putting only ONE ornament on our "big" tree) I think I learned a valuable lesson: This season is not about "making a list and checking it twice"...Often times life's most meaningful moments are unscripted. It was in losing myself in the pace of the holiday that I found out what is truly important to celebrate...Family.

Here are a few shots of the completed advent tags:

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Jen Bear Baldwin said...

You are so dang clever and crafty (in all the best ways, those words can have bad meanings) that is blows my mind. Those tags are adorable and I love the activities and pictures.