Friday, December 3, 2010

The 3rd Day of Christmas

It wasn't until December 3rd that actually started the advent calendar. To make up for lost time we did 3 activities in one evening.

Grace and I decorated the small tree in the loft. This is the tree that holds a variety of ornaments...vintage, handmade, and the year's new additions.

(Grace's 2011 Selection)

We adopted a tradition I was introduced to by my SIL, Jamie. Each year we take a family excursion to pick out a new ornament apiece. They become a sort of time capsule...documenting what our current tastes or interests are.

Funny story... While on this mission, I pushed Grace in the cart as she became more and more inclined to get out and explore the ornament section unencumbered. Despite my efforts to keep her content on staying put, Jeff offered to get her out. In the middle...wait for it...of the entirely glass ornament section. Brilliant right? I asked him if he was sure it was a good idea to which he replied, "Yeah, she'll be al - CRASH! - right." You guessed it. She broke an ornament immediately and right as Jeff was giving me his assurance. I can't make this stuff up. We all just laughed and I swept the evidence out of sight. Not one of our best parenting moments.

(Jeff's Obvious Winner)

(My Choice. Gnome + Mushroom = LOVE)

Secondly, we wrote to Santa. Here are a few excerpts from Grace's letter:

"I hope I'll get the dollhouse."
Also,"how about a new movie...the Princess one?"
"I want a Barbie wearin' a sparkly dress."

These were her replies when asked what we should say to Santa. The girl knows what she wants!

Finally, Grace's third thing to open was a little gift.

That is exactly the response I had hoped for when I decided to make the Interactive Advent a family tradition!

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