Saturday, December 18, 2010

A Break in the Clouds

This year's winter trip to Utah was overcast with many worries. However, days like this prove that even in the midst of life's storms the clouds will part and you can feel rays of happiness.

Lex took us to this teeny, tiny thai restaurant that was BIG on taste.

That's her with the owner.

Isn't she BEAUTIFUL?

Next stop, The Beehive Tea Room. She knows her big sister well.

We walked around the corner to a super cute book store and posed for some cheesy pictures.

Frosty Darling has been on my list of places to visit for a long time, and I FINALLY got the chance. I was not cuteness overload! I recognized the wares of many fellow Craft Lake City artists.

Grace had spent the night with Aunt Jen and Uncle Ken, and having made the most of being "Schmoo" free, we made our way to Bountiful to retrieve her. She had clearly had more fun than she could handle, because this is how she ended up when we stopped for Chinese.

That was one tired kid!

The day couldn't have ended more perfectly... Settlers anyone?

P.S. Unfortunately, the day's excitement took it's toll that night. Grace, Alexis, and I got extremely sick. Like, I felt I was on death's door. Turned out Alexis had walking pnemonia, my symptoms were the same as hers, and Grace got well the quickest. It was totally worth it though!

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Jamie Hunt said...

Yeah! I love it when you post! You guys always do the funnest things! I love it! And yes, Alexis could not be more beautiful!!!! But neither could you Mindy!