Thursday, November 13, 2008


Somebody needs to tell these Hunt's that it's okay to RELAX on a vacation. We have been full throttle! Don't get me wrong...I am having the time of my life, but I welcomed the change of pace today. Here's my recap........(drum roll please)

I could SO become a beach bum! Monday we traveled the island in search of a good snorkeling spot and Grace got to see the ocean in daylight. She had to warm up to the feeling of sand between her toes, but within a few minutes she was so comfortable she decided to TASTE it. Eeeww! Kuck Ka Grace! (FYI...those are MY toes!)

I love that I married a Rock Star. Haven't you ever wondered what the soundtrack to your day would sound like? This day it was the "Brother Iz" version of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow/Wonderful World." on the ukulele.

Tuesday was an ADVENTURE! We rented kayaks and rowed up a river to 3 incredible spots. Grace was such a trooper despite having a swollen eye. (possibly a result from rubbing snot in it OR allergies) She just hung onto Dad's back as we made a mile hike to a beautiful waterfall.

The second stop on our kayak trip was at the "Fern Grotto." Here we enjoyed a picnic at the foot of this amazingly lush spot. Grace struck a few poses and Jen and I jumped the rail to get a closer look of the grotto.

Our final stop was a place where we could jump off a small cliff and rope swing. Luckily we all survived.

Yesterday we played on the golf course and Grace was an excellent caddy.

Following golf, Grace had a blast playing in the sand and I was in heaven capturing the moments. Enjoy....


Amanda and Kirk said...

Thanks for letting me be a part of your vacation! It looks beautiful there! I am glad that you all are having a good time! Hope to talk to you when you all get home!

ABlack said...

It looks like you are having a great time! You have taken some awesome pictures, I love the one of you, Jeff and Grace having a 3-way kiss. So cute! Travel safe.

The Allens said...

Listen here Negos. Meieli and I are extremely jealous! It looks like you guys are having a great time. Good job on the pics mindy. Are you still shooting canon? To bad. HAHAHA. We are coming to visit you guys this February. I hope you are ready, cause we are coming whether you like it or not.


Wendi said...

The pics are GORGEOUS and there seriously can not be a cuter little one than Ms. Grace (Lilly) I love all her photos. Right now i am ready to pack up and move to Hawaii!