Sunday, November 16, 2008

Back on the Main Land

It's good to be home! We had such a BLAST while on vacation, but I am happy to get back to the real world. Did I really just write that? I suppose my excitement is due to the fact that the holiday season is here! The rest of the year will fly by, packed with all sorts of fun. (Now for a little confession: I have already decorated Grace's room for Christmas! I did it the day before Halloween...I just couldn't wait! It was kinda funny dressing her for trick-or-treating in her room with a Christmas tree and tensel everywhere.) I just LOVE this time of year!

Grace added all kinds of words to her vocabulary thanks to our trip. Beach, ocean, and luscious to name a few. She has gotten so tan..."brown as a biscuit" as my mom would say. She is our little adventurer! I am so blessed to have such an AMAZING family. I am thankful for this vacation and the opportunity it gave us to bring ourselves closer to one another. Here is the final recap on our family trip...

Plays hard and falls hard. The poor baby's sleep schedule was so mixed up. It made for a pretty cranky 20 month old at times, but also this cute picture.

We made some yummy breakfasts...banana pancakes are my favorite!

Josh makes a beautiful mermaid! It's fun to be a kid...
My hunky husband! I love this man.

The Hunt Family

Our Little Family

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Kara Hunt said...

I'm so glad you do this, Mindy. I can't believe you're so on the ball and have it all caught up already! What adorable pictures.