Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Grace is going from a baby to a child at what seems to me like warp speed. If I blink my eyes I may miss something. I am constantly suprised by what she knows, says, and does. Here are some of my motherly observations:

{What she knows...}

When a television show goes to a comercial she starts asking where the "mote" is so she doesn't have to watch them. (Kids these days! How are they going to learn all the catchy jinggles and bug you about buying them toys?)

If she bumps into you she says, "sorry."

You can hand her something and have her deliver it to the right person, put it back, or throw it away.

She can now go up and down our spiral staircase. This worries me to no end.

She can work Jeff's iphone to look at pictures.

She gets water from the water machine and dumps it on the floor. (Wait, should this be impressive? It is actually quite annoying!)

She knows the names and sounds of many animals.

{What she says...}

When she is asked what her name is she answers, "MEOW."

She is polite and says "please, thank you, and welcome."

If someone toots (Jeff or Alexis. What??? You think I will never admit to it?) she says, "WHOA!"

She so expressive! She uses the words like pretty, cute, cool, and awesome all the time.

When I change a stinky diaper she holds her nose and says, "PEW."

She calls a kiss... a "piss."

"NO" is her FAVORITE word.

She commonly says things like, "Oh Gosh, Dang it, and Heck."

{What she does...}

She LOVES her some "Bob Bob." (Spongebob)

I keep a little purse in the car that is stocked with a wallet, keys, and cell phone. When I take her out of the car seat she starts asking for her "purse."

She is so loving of her cousin. She smothers him with hugs and kisses. When he cries she wrinkles her brow and asks, "Okay?"

She is SUPER brave! Before she jumps she can even count to 3!

She bullies Alexis! I don't know why. It must be a love/hate relationship because right after hurting her, she gives her a hug or kiss. (Sometimes she humps her. I have NO idea where she got that, but it cracks me up. What do you say to that? "Grace, STOP humping Alexis!")

She likes to talk on the phone.

She repeats EVERYTHING!

She understands the structure of a sentence even if she can't say all the words. She'll say something like this, "Shmm mmm un mmm TOY!" The word she can say always comes at the end.

Can we say DADDY'S GIRL?

Well, that is just a TASTE of what keeps me on my toes! That's our Little Miss Personality!

I LOVE those curls! It's a wonder she doesn't get everything she wants! We are ALL wrapped around her little finger though.

Just like Daddy! They are BOTH stinkers!

Our little nudist. Oh, to be young again! You can have a dimply butt and it be considered CUTE!


Becky said...

What a great post for remembering her at such a cute age! I love those curls too.

Amanda and Kirk said...

I am loving that you are blogging more these day! I have been having so much fun reading about you all, but it makes me miss you that much more! Love ya tons!!!