Sunday, November 30, 2008

Come and Go

This last week has just flown right by! My Momma came to town on Monday and we have been having such a fun time. If we weren't cooking, we were out shopping. Early in the week we hit up the antique mall where my mom insisted on buying a chandelier for Grace's room. (I have been eyeing this thing for AGES! It was originally priced at $200, but we got it for only $50!! What a steal?! I'll definitely post a picture of it once it is installed.) Thanks Mom!

Thanksgiving was perfect. Great food + Great company = GREAT DAY! While growing up our family never really had traditions, but I am glad to report much has changed. For the past few years my Mom has spent Thanksgiving with us. This of course is a huge blessing since she is the best cook I know! I helped her prepare a FEAST and we invited Jeff's parents, his uncle, and the Wilks to share the bounty. After our bellies were filled nigh unto bursting, we all flopped on our big, comfy couch to watch football. (Some of us took turkey induced naps, me included.)

The girls (Mom, Alexis, Gracie, and myself) decided to brave the "Black Friday" madness where we nabbed some good deals. I just couldn't bring myself to go before dawn, besides there were still plenty of goodies around eleven. Christmas came early for Grace and I. Mom loves to spoil that child and I can't resist allowing it. (Right, like I have a choice.) Grace got a tricycle and I got a Cricut. Are we spoiled or what? My mind is about to explode with all of the possibilities. Thanks SOOOO much Mom!

We put the tree up today. My house is a complete disaster, but at least I can check that off my list. I am especially not looking forward to tomorrow... because not only do I have to face this mess, but Mom and Alexis leave for Utah and I will be left all by my lonesome. All the excitement and buzz of a house full of family will suddenly end. Alexis has been with us since July and I am sad to see her go. It will take some time before Grace and I adjust to not having ol' "Secsis" around. Okay, I must change the subject before I start shedding tears!

I am going to have to detox from all of the comfort food I have eaten this week. Mom has made her signature biscuits and gravy TWICE and tonight she made Puerto Rican rice and beans. (Good luck Jeff!) Add that to the Thanksgiving feast I've eaten on for days and my body is SCREAMING for some fruits and veggies. (Plain...not cooked in bacon grease, butter, or brown sugar!) Oh, and I don't even remember what it's like to have a sip of water. It's amazing...I actually WANT to eat healthy foods right now. What unlikely timing with all of the holiday goodies out there.

Well, that was my week in review. Oh, one more thing...the movie Australia...LOVED it! Hope everyone had a very happy Thanksgiving. Bring on the Christmas spirit!!!!

Yet another shot of Grace posing...this time modeling "Bob Bob" jammies Mamaw bought her.

Ah, the classic hand on the hip pose. Looking good girls!

Christmas comes early for Grace.

Entertaining us at family night.

Front rolls. Look out Nastia Liukin!
Thank you Mom for an AMAZING week!

Sis, I'll miss you! Bad attitude and all!

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