Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Grace's Room

Can I just say I LOVE this room? It has been an absolute joy creating Grace's nursery. When Jeff and I found out we would be welcoming a little girl into our family I couldn't wait to start decorating. (It was a good thing since I had less than 2 months to get it put together!) So here we are, a year and a half later, and most of my little projects are done. I wouldn't call it a finished product though. I am always finding new "treasures" at yard sales and thrift shops, so therefore it is in a constant state of change. I know Grace may not fully appreciate the time and effort put into her room, but until then, I will just continue to enjoying it for her.

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randalswife said...

I helped with the bedding!! I just had to get my two cents in there and take a tiny bit of credit for that gorgeous room! Like a little teeny tiny itty bitty piece of credit. OK, I just stayed up all night with Mindy while SHE did it all! Boy was it fun though!