Thursday, December 4, 2008

Deck the Halls

With all of my posts being about the "Walk" challenge, I figured the blog could do with some pictures. I have most of the decorating done around here, and for the first time we included the outside. I am really pleased with the outcome considering the budget. Everything was either bought on clearance or at a yard sale. It's fun to see all of the items I have gathered throughout the year make an appearance. I experienced a form of Christmas when I was pulling everything many things I had forgotten about. (Did anyone else noticed that rhymed?) Enough babble, on with the show...

Some of the details of Grace's tree. I LOVE it!

A bird's eye view.

The canopy.

As you can see, tinsel everywhere. What a festive sparkle it brings!

The tree. In 4 years I still haven't found the right topper!

Entry table. I love the picture of baby Jesus.

Plaid wrapping paper adds drama behind my pottery collection.

The little t.v. cabinet.

Wrapping a picture is a nice festive touch.

Your family could be seen here. PLEASE send me your Christmas cards!

The view of the tree from the window.


Home Sweet Home


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OK, this totally made me miss you so much more!!!! I can't wait to see it in person. (PS - You're my hero!)