Tuesday, December 9, 2008

"Walk" Day 8 Thoughts

No one is immune to exhibiting some form of pride. That's why it referred to as "the Great Stumbling Block." (That and medium size rocks, Jeff says.) It is the "go to" sin for Satan. He's not going to tempt most of us with drinking, doing drugs, or murder. We wouldn't fall for that! His plan is much more subtle: get us to find fault with those around us, compare everyone and everything, refuse to compliment someone, get jealous when someone else enjoys success...the list goes on and on.

The BEST talk I have ever read on the subject of pride was given by President Benson. I refer back to this talk whenever I feel like my pride has gotten a little out of hand. My head instantly is deflated and my heart aches for my sinful state. The plainness and truthfulness of his words cannot be denied. It leads me to humility and the desire to seek forgiveness.

I especially appreciate the advice found in Alma 32:16 concerning humility. (the antidote of pride) "Therefore, blessed are they who humble themselves without being compelled to be humble..." I use it more as a warning. "Mindy, you better repent and become humble OR I'll give you something to be humble about!"

I am just so grateful for the gospel and the instructions we have been given to guide us throughout life. I am grateful to be a part of a church that is lead by modern revelation. What a blessing it is to have "watchmen" in the tower of this world who look out for us and warn us of danger. It never ceases to amaze me how perfect the Lord's plan is.

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