Saturday, December 6, 2008

The Gift of Christmas Past

I was rummaging through old pictures (on a quest to see if Grace and I look alike at her age) and I came across these BEAUTIES!

I blieve I was 5 years old here. I totally remember helping to pick out the tree and stringing the popcorn garland each Christmas. Sadly, some of the popcorn made it to my belly and not "The Bid Show." Good times. I am lovin' the dress and belt!

Same year as before, WAY worse outfit! It apears that I have a sweatshirt over a bathing suit?? Why would I sport a swim suit in the winter? Silly kid! I love how this picture is all about me...William who?? (My mom's best friend's son.) I wish my legs still looked that thin. BLARG!

What the heck Mom? My little cousin (in the next picture) and I were thrilled to get life size dolls. Her doll was beautiful and blond (just like her)......mine......WELL.... Is that the best she could do? (I am totally kidding Mom.) All that matters is that I LOVED it.

Age: 7 Aunt Lisa, Kelly, Mom, and I at Mamaw's.

Age: 8 (Florida) Who didn't love puffy paint?

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randalswife said...

LOVE IT!! I am so glad you posted old pictures! That's great!!!