Tuesday, December 9, 2008

"Walk" Day 9 Thoughts

When I set out to begin this "Walk" activity one of my chief goals was to have an added measure of the Spirit in my life. I am so glad to report that the Lord has blessed me in that regard. I feel a softness in my heart where there had been resistance. Spirituality is truly like a muscle. If not used it begins to atrophy and weaken. If not worked and fed properly damage occurs. Luckily, with even just a little TLC it can get to working again. The key is consistency. The best results are had when spirituality is treated like a marathon and not a sprint.

"Is the Lord my light?" His life gives me a perfect, shining example. His gospel leads and directs me. His word is the iron rod that I must hold on to. His atonement puts me back on the right path. He is my guardian and I am his follower.

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